Rathmell and Wigglesworth Broadband is a group of residents working to bring fast broadband internet to our two villages.

Neither village is included in Superfast North Yorkshire’s Phase 2 rollout of fast broadband. Phase 3 is uncertain, but if/when it happens, it may still not include us.

As a result, a community group is looking into alternative ways of bringing fast broadband internet to our villages.  The group has already raised cash pledges from enough residents to look into the feasibility of laying our own superfast connection, provided by rural broadband provider B4RN.

Click here to go to the Rathmell and Wigglesworth Broadband website to find out more and to make sure you are included.


December 2017

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Click here to download proposed cable route map, 29 December 2017

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21 October 2017

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2 August 2017: Report of Public Meeting

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17 July 2017: Update from Roger Vincent

We will be holding a public meeting at The Plough in Wigglesworth on Wednesday 2nd August at 7:30pm.

David Ryall, B4RN's Community Liaison & Planning Coordinator, will give a presentation about Broadband for the Rural North followed by Q&A.

If you are unsure whether you want to have a connection, or unsure whether you want to be a B4RN investor this is an excellent opportunity for you to come and find out more.

If you are already convinced and on the list then please come along and show your support as it will help our profile within B4RN if there is a good turnout.

Hope to see you all there!

26 May 2017: Update from Roger Vincent

We are continuing to identify, contact and discuss our plans with local landowners.

We have made some very significant progress with landowners on the key route from our point of extension off the B4RN network near Armitstead Hall, Giggleswick down into the centre of Rathmell with just a couple of landowners still to talk to. Once we get agreement in principle from landowners comprising a contiguous route the B4RN planners will look to put a detailed route plan in place.

We have also had over 10 more properties registering their interest with us and there are several others who I have spoken to who I anticipate will do the same.

We are also working our way around landowners on the other routes we are looking to cover and have made some progress on these routes as well.

Once we have had an initial conversation with all landowners where we might potentially need to run a route, we will be organising a public meeting(s) where a representative from B4RN will be present.

We are aiming to get all the above done as soon as possible, so that we can then get to the stage of actually asking for your investment followed by starting digging as funds come in.

Email Roger with any questions